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Price: $49.98 I know what you’re thinking, a bit pricey? Considering this adapter has: 2 SD card slots (standard & micro) 1 1080/4K HDMI out Port  2 USB 3.0 Ports 1 USB-C Power Pass-Through Port This adapter (just a bit) justifies the price along with good reviews, good quality build and no reports of compatibility issues. The aluminium build is a welcome specification because it just fits in aesthetic with most laptops (of course also the new MacBook Pros) so rest assured

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  Our website is finally up and running ! We will keep posting our media content as they are released online. Hope you guys join us to experience the art of visual presentation. Visit our Side-Projects on Facebook and Youtube. Check out our Projects page for our work. E-mail us for any enquiry to have your Ad/Video/Animation short created with us.

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